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How to Win mining equipment market in the doldrums

Mining equipment industry as a pillar industry of the national economy plays an important role in China's economic construction and social development. Today, faced with external economic winter, when the decline in the machinery industry, Xinhai mining equipment that the mining machinery industry, it is imperative to figure out how to organize production according to demand, allocation of resources, optimize the product structure in the market downturn, to develop new markets, increase section support in order to facilitate longer-term development. Upgrading of products has become the inevitable development trend of China's mining machinery manufacturing industry, experts predict that the mining machinery industry will experience a transformation reform, survival of the fittest industry can be achieved through sound development. Mining machinery enterprises must constantly optimize the industrial structure, focusing on environmental protection, research and development, innovation and promote the development of China's mining machinery industry, the path of sustainable development of China's mining machinery industry.

In Xinhai view, enterprise development requirements, taking into account the large market in the environment, but also to market demand and their own development as a strategic guide, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, change the mode, looking for new opportunities. At present, China's mining machinery industry, there is a big gap in the high-value-added products output, quality, variety and specifications, while in the new industries, new equipment, new technology development and engineering of the original terms of the level of developed countries there is a certain distance and high enterprises of China's energy consumption, environmental aspects should be improved. These problems during good economic industry does not get enough attention, but now it is business orders shrinking their products a good opportunity to adjust the structure.

Mining machinery industry has changed from rapid growth to the rapid growth, the situation is very tense, will not significantly warmer. Faced with this situation, mining machinery companies should not passively wait for the market to improve or national policy support, but should take the initiative to change themselves, enhance their innovation.

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