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beneficiation information

Cement ball mill for customers to reduce production costs

Cement mill cement production plant designed to cement clinker grinding equipment, cement mill is mainly used in building materials, cement production, metallurgy ceramics, electricity and petrochemical industry grinding a variety of cement clinker and other materials. Stone Machinery production according to user needs, the fineness requirements in line with actual needs of users design and manufacture special cement mill.

The new cement mill is the most prominent advantage of the decline in overall production costs, compared with the old cement mill, the power-saving features, production efficiency, decrease the failure rate, improve the degree of mechanization, maintenance personnel have improved significantly. Past clients in the purchase of equipment, valued only cement mill price, advanced from the Internet to find a lot of cement mill to compare the latest offer, Which cement mill Which low price to buy, but a mature customers see is equipment in production The integrated use of cost, which is cost-effective. If you look at equipment prices, without considering the cost and subsequent maintenance costs, then the final cost to buy equipment several times higher than the cost of even a few times.

Low pulp mill in cement surface, less mineral aggregate, coupled with the "isolation" The role of the grid plate, on the one hand the media filling rate may be higher, increasing the amount of ball, and with the right amount of small ball, hand ball has been elevated to a certain height, relatively low pulp surface, the ball has a larger drop height, therefore, the impact of a stronger role of the media sphere, mineral aggregate crushing effect, good grinding effect. Cement mill discharge speed, short residence time of mineral aggregate, ground ore can quickly discharged from the mill grading grader goes to a subsequent job to add more raw ore mill, while the density of large particles without gathered in a ball mill, thereby reducing the over-pulverization, and improve productivity. Compared with the same specifications overflow type, productivity has risen by 10% to 25%. This applies to some kind of coarse grinding mill grinding or two in the first paragraph of grinding, grinding friable and can also be used softer ore.

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