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Reasonable ball mill ball of three principles

After the ball during the operation, the ability to play the best efficiency, the ability to maintain a stable product quality and ensure the smooth operation of the ball mill, all this is reasonable and ball mill have great relevance. To achieve a reasonable ball mill installed, you need to pay special attention to the following questions.

1, to understand the parameters of the ball mill

Before proceeding ball, we must first random parameters provided in accordance with the instructions mill equipment, mill volume, speed do understand. Fastening parts ball connection is normal, rake height, stroke, rake trajectory normal circumstances and whether these are we need to understand the situation, in confirmation mill equipment is normal, and then measure the volume and ball mill speed, and calculate the critical speed of the ball mill, ball control and critical relationship between the speed.

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2, should be carried out after the test run ball

The reason why we attach so much importance on the ball, in order to ensure the quality and yield of products, therefore, in the ball mill is completed, it will provide timely commissioning, testing ball effect, mainly mill to the mine, mine discharge, return sand, warm water streams sieve analysis and analysis of the situation.

3, the ball clean ball, the ball fell complement ball

In general, clearing the ball mill is carried out when changing the size of the gear in the Qing ball, should be prepared to clean up the ball and crushed ball work, grasp ball and make the ball of the law. Continue to engage in reasonable balance ball for the purpose of inspection and certification facto ball, make the ball correctly, or is on schedule to clear broken ball mill to stabilize at a high level on mine efficiency.

If you do not have a mature ball technology, should be cleaned out every ball mill, organize people to be classified, measured at the same time make a record, calculate the optimum amount of ball mill, type, proportion, broken ball rate, etc. Wait. To develop principle ball mill, and to provide a reasonable basis for the subsequent ball.

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