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  • Electrostatic separation of iron ore

    18 novembre 2015

    Electrostatic separation can be very effective in removing iron ore contained in the silicate gangue minerals and phosphate thereof. The resulting re-election of iron ore, the use of electric separation selection, draw iron concentrate. 1, reduce the...

  • Concentrator grinding and classification process of how to choose?

    18 novembre 2015

    Economic and beneficiation process is closely related to the concentrator. Very particular about dressing grinding fineness, through mill fully separating useful minerals and gangue, impurities, harmful elements. Determine the appropriate grinding fineness...

  • Washing and pre-concentrator

    18 novembre 2015

    Excessive sludge will affect the sorting effect. Because the slime slurry viscosity increased, reducing the sensitivity of sorting; observation operator, depends on the mineral separation point of visibility, this visibility reduced slime. The crushing...

  • General principles of mineral processing equipment selection

    18 novembre 2015

    Mechanical processing equipment is used for direct processing ore concentrator, also depends on the level of economic indicators this, so be careful selection. Beneficiation equipment selection should follow the following principles: 1, the main equipment...

  • Selected on the basis of mineral processing equipment

    18 novembre 2015

    The main process equipment beneficiation beneficiation process means for directly processing ore equipment, including crushing, screening, grinding, grading, sorting, dehydration and baking equipment. Task process equipment selection under conditions...

  • How to adjust the temperature of flotation pulp?

    18 novembre 2015

    Flotation beneficiation common beneficiation methods. Flotation process, the slurry temperature is an important indicator of decision beneficiation process, how to adjust the temperature of the pulp it? Improve flotation pulp temperature, can improve...

  • Concentrator commonly used grading equipment have?

    18 novembre 2015

    In the grinding process, not appear ore particles with sizes from large to small, but gradually completed. Each stage in the crushing, there is always a fine occurrence of local qualified out. In the grinding process, in order to promptly separate the...

  • Buy mining equipment preparatory work you have done it

    24 novembre 2015

    Our country is a country with extensive resources, the owner is rich in mineral resources, a lot of friends in the business development of mineral resources, mineral development during the time you need to purchase processing equipment. Prior to purchase...

  • Crusher accelerate capacity upgrades, contribute to the development of crushing industry

    24 novembre 2015

    In the continuous development of society today, gravel crusher industry is also in constant development, has become the main theme of green low-carbon development of the industry, China more and more industries are gradually to a low-carbon direction,...

  • How to Win mining equipment market in the doldrums

    24 novembre 2015

    Mining equipment industry as a pillar industry of the national economy plays an important role in China's economic construction and social development. Today, faced with external economic winter, when the decline in the machinery industry, Xinhai mining...

  • New Wave jaw crusher

    24 novembre 2015

    With the development of market demand, jaw crusher technical upgrading is inevitable, it will be an opportunity for the development of the crusher. But also it gave us a wake-up call, jaw crusher process to improve, increase machine life and imminent....

  • Reasonable ball mill ball of three principles

    17 décembre 2015

    After the ball during the operation, the ability to play the best efficiency, the ability to maintain a stable product quality and ensure the smooth operation of the ball mill, all this is reasonable and ball mill have great relevance. To achieve a reasonable...

  • Cement ball mill for customers to reduce production costs

    17 décembre 2015

    Cement mill cement production plant designed to cement clinker grinding equipment, cement mill is mainly used in building materials, cement production, metallurgy ceramics, electricity and petrochemical industry grinding a variety of cement clinker and...

  • Select mill production material impact on the quality of the finished product

    17 décembre 2015

    我们介绍了很多球磨机,并将澳大利亚游泳会继续为您提供最新最全的知识,更多的知识,目的,我们可能不一定很了解材料的知识,所以它是当今鑫海球磨机厂家它引入了选择球磨机的影响成品材料的质量。 选择产品质量的球材料:有显著的影响,有时甚至起到了决定性的作用,好的材料更容易更符合标准的产品,和材料的质量不好,不仅会影响成品的质量产品,澳大利亚游泳的目标是​​不利于球磨机的工作,导致在工作时间成本比较高的轧机设备及 - 其它问题损失。因此,我们需要更多地关注,一般材料阙拉性能,将有一些良好的材料性能,而性能信息和通信技术不宜满足一些条件,大致有以下几点:...

  • Gold Flotation Production Line

    14 mai 2016

    Flotation is widely used in gold processing. In China, 80% rock gold is processed by flotation. Flotation process maximizes the enrichment of gold into sulfide minerals. The tailings can be directly discharged. Flotation in gold mine has low beneficiation...

  • Introduction on Flotation of Nonferrous Metal

    04 juin 2016

    In the nature, sulfide ores at the upper part of the nonferrous metal deposit after long term weathering (such as the role of oxygen and ions in the air or water) will form the Oxidized ore zone that is to say the Oxide mineral or mineral containing oxygen....