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Concentrator commonly used grading equipment have?

In the grinding process, not appear ore particles with sizes from large to small, but gradually completed. Each stage in the crushing, there is always a fine occurrence of local qualified out. In the grinding process, in order to promptly separate the qualified fineness, avoid crushing, ball mill will increase productivity, needs to complete the grading equipment. Eligible particles from the classification overflow (sieve sieve under the product) feeding elected not work, then go to a ball mill and then grind coarse. Thus, in the grinding job classification plays a crucial role.

Currently grading equipment commonly used in the concentrator spiral classifier, hydrocyclone and high-frequency sieve.

Spiral classifier is based on mineral particles of different sizes in an aqueous medium to graded sedimentation rate differences. Because of its structure is easy, stable, easy to operate, universal use in the concentrator. Spiral classifier spiral height position and face in the sink overflow into high weir type, sinking and low weir.

Hydrocyclone is the application of centrifugal force to accelerate the settlement of mineral particles grading equipment. It needs pressure to mine, consume large power, but an area of ​​the table small size, cheap, disposal capacity, high classification efficiency, finely overflow desirable product, used for the second stage of closed-circuit grinding grading equipment.

Since the spiral classifier and hydrocyclone is based on mineral particles in an aqueous medium sedimentation rate different grades easily occur useful minerals enriched in sand to form useful minerals too crushed. High frequency screen is a whole according to the geometry of ore grading grain, virtually unaffected by density, and the higher classification efficiency. In recent years, high frequency sieve for grading equipment in the grinding cycle increasingly focus.

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