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How to adjust the temperature of flotation pulp?

Flotation beneficiation common beneficiation methods. Flotation process, the slurry temperature is an important indicator of decision beneficiation process, how to adjust the temperature of the pulp it?

Improve flotation pulp temperature, can improve the flotation rate and get a higher flotation (recoveries and concentrate quality).

Pulp temperature effect on activators and inhibitors also have an impact. Generally when the temperature rises, the role of activators and inhibitors to strengthen and accelerate, while lower temperatures slow the effect is weak, and the flotation index lower.

In some non-ferrous metal oxide ore flotation difficult to float, in order to promote the vulcanization of sodium sulfide, pulp often require heating. Non-metallic mineral flotation, temperature greater impact.

Because some selected plants in winter and summer a large temperature difference between the slurry concentrator formed a number of technical and economic indicators of seasonal fluctuations.

Because a large amount of slurry concentrator, if in order to adjust the temperature, but will not pay a lot of pulp warming. Therefore, the flotation process is generally at room temperature conditions.

Little effect of temperature on xanthate, mainly because of xanthate flotation soluble in water, no heating.

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