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beneficiation information

Washing and pre-concentrator

Excessive sludge will affect the sorting effect. Because the slime slurry viscosity increased, reducing the sensitivity of sorting; observation operator, depends on the mineral separation point of visibility, this visibility reduced slime. The crushing of ore or ore washing stage, the removal of a large number of native slime, also re-election equipment and technology are needed to mine preparedness measures. Available water cannons, wash griddle, spiral washing machine, etc. sieve dehydration washing operations.

Preselected generally coarse crushed ore processing stage, or placer ore, it may be previously discarded ore mining waste rock and low gangue and wall rock mixed, both enriched with selected ore grade or recovery grade of ore geology, but also a significant reduction a selected amount of ore into the mill, to improve the processing capacity of the concentrator, reducing the grinding and separation costs. A large number of pre-selected lean ore exploitation can play a good role. Dynamic heavy media vortex separator size and large jig can be used for pre-selection.

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