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beneficiation information

Selected on the basis of mineral processing equipment

The main process equipment beneficiation beneficiation process means for directly processing ore equipment, including crushing, screening, grinding, grading, sorting, dehydration and baking equipment. Task process equipment selection under conditions beneficiation process requires, after technical and economic comparison, the correct choice of device type, size and number of units. Select the basis of mineral processing equipment, such as the following:

1, the design of the beneficiation process flow diagram (including the number, quality and pulp flowchart flowchart).

2, the nature of the ore and process characteristics.

3, the product programs (including product type, size, quality and quantity requirements).

4, the construction scale concentrator, working system.

5, the test data and device parameters meter grate similar plant production targets.

6, the concentrator level of mechanization and automation control equipment level and work rate requirements.

7, product samples stereotypes equipment, new equipment test identification data.

8, equipment manufacturer quality equipment, spare parts supply and after-sales service status and credibility.

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