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General principles of mineral processing equipment selection

Mechanical processing equipment is used for direct processing ore concentrator, also depends on the level of economic indicators this, so be careful selection. Beneficiation equipment selection should follow the following principles:

1, the main equipment should be used in the advanced and reliable production practices have mature experience of the product, require equipment energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency. And adapted to local conditions, prohibited the use of the phase-out equipment.

2, depending on the size, try to choose large equipment to reduce the series (Taiwan) number, in order to save footprint, saving investment, reduce operating costs, improve labor productivity.

3, according to the ore physical and chemical properties, material particle size, moisture content, clay and other factors, select the appropriate material properties of the device.

4, step up and down the choice of equipment loading rate should be balanced, device type should be the same size in the same job.

5, in order to ensure that the major equipment operating rate associated with the device shall be required to give a certain number of practical spare parts.

6, selection of equipment must be reliable, easy operation, simple maintenance, spare parts and reliable sources.

7, selected devices can adapt to fluctuations in production, to be too aggressive.

8, pay attention to the auxiliary equipment to match the choice of the main equipment.

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