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beneficiation information

Electrostatic separation of iron ore

Electrostatic separation can be very effective in removing iron ore contained in the silicate gangue minerals and phosphate thereof. The resulting re-election of iron ore, the use of electric separation selection, draw iron concentrate.

1, reduce the iron ore to improve the iron grade of silica electrostatic separation process

Canada Wabush (Wabush) concentrator processing hematite iron ore re-election income, dried, electrostatic separation, iron ore concentrate iron grade increased from 65% to 67.5%, the content of silica in the concentrate from 5 % Free decreased to 2.25%.

2, iron ore reduction phosphorus electrostatic separation process

Sweden Malmbergt concentrator, using electrostatic separation process re-election of iron ore, iron ore is a typical phosphorus reduction.

Drop both phosphorus, silica and drop, improve the grade of iron concentrate. After the electrostatic separation phosphorus content from 0.6% to 0.04%, iron grade iron ore from 55% to 68%.

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