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beneficiation information

Concentrator grinding and classification process of how to choose?

Economic and beneficiation process is closely related to the concentrator. Very particular about dressing grinding fineness, through mill fully separating useful minerals and gangue, impurities, harmful elements. Determine the appropriate grinding fineness must ensure the following:

1, useful minerals monomer separation.

2, the upper limit of the particle size of suitable flotation.

3, try to mitigate and avoid the phenomenon of over crushed ore and mud phenomenon.

Reasonable grinding and classification process is mainly based on the following factors:

1, useful minerals and gangue minerals disseminated particle size and common features.

2, useful for ore and gangue hardness and density.

3, a useful degree of mud ore gangue and oxidation.

4, useful content and value of ore minerals.

5, the user concentrate size requirements.

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